Wood Burning Stove For your Pub or Restaurant

Wood burning stoves have various advantages, and most ar and restaurants enjoy the great ambiance that draws in customers as well. It is crucial to choose the right size of your stove, depending on whether you want it solely for heating or aesthetic as well. This article serves to advise you on your wood-burning stoves Stockport as well as instruct you on the benefits of having one.


  1. Decide On The Purpose of Your Stove

When seeking a stove for your restaurant or pub, always consider what its purpose will be. If you require heat, a larger stove may be able to do the trick. However, always consider the size of your premises as well. If you need both heating and aesthetic, consider doing the math on which stove would be suitable for you.


  1. Location Of The Stove

Depending on the set up of your restaurant or pub, consider placing your stove far from the reach of children but also making it accessible.


  1. Consider Fuel Storage

Sometimes customers like to play around with the fire by adding more logs and increasing its intensity. In making your stove accessible to customers, try making sure customers do not have the permission to temper with the fire. In turn, this decreases your fuel usage.


  1. Do not stock your logs above the stove

Apart from avoiding increased fuel usage y customers, placing logs on top of your stove is extremely dangerous. If any spark accidentally leaves your stove, you would be facing a potentially deadly fire. It is imperative to ensure no logs are placed on top of or beside your stove.


  1. A Chimney is Not a Restriction

If you do not have a chimney, do not worry. A chimney is not a restriction. Many stoves are designed in a way to thrive without a chimney so your restaurant or pub can still have a chimney without having a chimney.


A wood-burning stove is both aesthetically pleasing for your restaurant or pub and can also offer excellent heating. Most customers are attracted to the great ambiance this offers, and choosing the perfect stove for your business is very crucial.