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Are you looking for drain plumbing services provider and living in Bundaberg, Queensland? Don’t stress yourself anymore; we are here for you! We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves in delivering a high level of customer service. 24 hours of drain plumbing services. All you need is to give us a call. Drain blockages can stress you, from a minor problem to a major nightmare and mostly during the holiday season. For this reason, you must identify or know the signs of trouble and call our professionals to have it fixed and repaired before it gets worst.

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Different issues we address

Blocked sink drain

Kitchen and bathroom sink often get their drain blocked. Sometimes all that you pour or direct to the drain fails to clear their way through. Maybe you had an encounter with kind of blocked drains and decided to do it yourself. That won’t always be fruitful, and the best move is to get help from professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable to deal with any blockages.

Blocked toilet

A blocked toilet is tricky when dealing with it. It’s the most unpleasant issue to handle. This must be treated as an emergency before it messes everything in the house. Call our drain plumbing services to help you. We surely know how to handle the predicament right away. Avoid flushing which can make the issue worse before we come!

Clogged sewer

The common cause of this problem is tree roots. It’s quite easy to identify the problem, but a bit hard to pinpoint the exact location to resolve your issue successfully, our special tools and equipment are required. Just call us!

Blocked stormwater drains

These problems occur mostly after heavy rains. Stormwater drains are meant to handle larger water volumes. If you experience a blockage, expect to encounter several issues within your property. These issues include water coming out from the downpipes, puddles around your property, pooled water at surface grates and weird noises from drains. If you suspect any blockage, call us to handle it before it’s late.

Whenever you need us, wherever you need us, call us. We are reputable drain plumbers in Bundaberg ready to serve you at an affordable cost!

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