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A Beginner’s Guide To Effectively Painting Fireplace Brick

When most people think of brick fireplaces, they consider large fireplaces with a bare brick design around the fireplace. While this can be attractive, it can easily become dirty because of the soot from the fireplace itself making it quite unattractive. Fortunately, there are various ways to deal with the unattractiveness ranging from placing new materials to painting the brick. This article will provide information on how to effectively pain the fireplace brick.

What Supplies Will I Need?

The average supplies will include an interior/exterior primer, a high-density polyester roller cover, and masonry, stucco and brick paint. The brands can be any brand based on your preference.

What Is The Process To Painting Fireplace Brick?

1. Clean The Brick

The first step to effectively painting a fireplace brick is to clean the surface of the brick. This involves the removal of any dirt or dust from the brick’s surface before you begin painting. Ideally, you should use a damp rag to wipe the brick and clear off dust; however, you can also use a wire brush with heavy duty cleaner if the fireplace is very dirty.

2. Prime The Brick

The second step to effectively painting a brick in the fireplace is to prime the brick. This is potentially the most significant step in the entire procedure. Interior/exterior primers are beneficial to use because the product is a primer, sealer and stain blocker in a single paint. It is also created specifically for sealing porous surfaces, such as brick; therefore, it is the ideal product when painting a brick fireplace. Not only this, but many brands of interior/exterior primer are pigmented meaning the coverage will remove all brick and grout lines.

It is important to note that primer products are thicker than traditional paint, but it will go on smoothly and easily. Not only this, but primers tend to be water-based; therefore, they are easy to clean up at the end of the task.

When applying the primer, it is recommended that you use a 3/4 inch roller for application as you want surface with texture like the brick. Inch rollers also hold more paint and can make painting easier to complete. It is advised that you have a smaller paint brush available to reach the small edges and corners.

3. Paint The Brick

The third and final step to painting the brick is, well, painting the brick. Following the primer, you must apply the masonry, stucco and brick paint. Once again, the 3/4 inch roller is recommended for use to ensure the full fireplace is covered during painting. In many cases only one coat of paint is required; however, this may differ based on the product brand used.

The color chosen is according to person preference, but white is always a beneficial option because it makes a room seem much brighter. Yellow brick, in particular, appears very dated and only a few coats of paint can make a large difference to the room. Using the information available you can easily perform the task of painting your fireplace without any need for professional assistance.

Tips For Garage Door Repair Houston

If you have problems with your garage door, the repairs are often fairly simple and you could do them on your own. The problem is that most people do not know where to start with garage door repair Houston. This is why you should look at some tips for garage door repair Houston.

Check The Tracks

The first step you should take when repairing your garage doors will be to look at the metal tracks inside the garage. These are the tracks that the door will use to move and if there are any problems there, the door will become stuck. You should check that the mounting brackets are tight and if they are loose, tighten the screws and bolts.

You should then look for any crimps, dents or flat spots in the track. If you notice any damaged spots, you should use a rubber mallet to remove them. If the tracks are badly damaged, you will need to remove them. Once they have been repaired, you will need to clean the tracks with some household cleaner.

You will also need to ensure that the tracks are level and properly aligned. The tracks should be at the same height on the walls. If the tracks are not aligned, you will need to loosen the screws and tap the tracks into position. Before tightening the screws, you will need to double check the alignment.

Look For Loose Hardware

If the tracks are not the problem, you will need to look at the garage doors. If you have swing garage doors, you should look at the plates where the spring is mounted and ensure that the screws are tight. If you have roll-up doors, you should check that the hinges are still in good condition and tighten any loose screws.

If any of the screw holes are enlarged causing the screw to loosen, you should replace the screw with a longer one of the same diameter. You can also use a hollow fiber plug which has been dipped in carpenters’ glue with the screw.

Look At The Garage Door Opener

If your garage doors are not working, the problem could be with the garage door opener. This is one of the best gadgets to install because it makes opening the garage easy, but there are also a number of problems that could occur. The most common issue will be dead batteries in the opener.

You can easily check this by switching out the batteries that you currently have in the opener. If the doors work, you have simply solved your problem. If the doors continue to have issues, you will need to look at other issues.

The problem could be with the motor attached to your garage door. If this is the problem, you might want to hire someone to look at this. Tinkering with the motor is not recommended as it can cause a lot of additional problems and will be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. You could also blow the entire setup which is something that you want to avoid.

Orlando Dumpster Rental Companies Can Provide You With A Quote

If you are trying to line up an Orlando dumpster rental, you might think that you could call just any company. There are certain factors, however, that should be taken into consideration when you are going to rent a dumpster. For example, you certainly want to know what size dumpster that you need to rent for your event. You also want to be sure that you’re going to be working with the best company and getting the best prices.

Setting up a dumpster at a site requires that you have the proper space of course. You have likely thought of that, but you need to make sure that the space is adequate and fits company guidelines. They should take the time to explain that to you because they will want to be sure they help you get everything set up. Of course, the drop off and setup of the dumpster is handled by the company.

Not only that, but the pickup of the dumpster is also handled by the company. You just have to schedule when you want the dumpster picked up. They will come and pick it up for you. Keep in mind that there are some items that aren’t allowed to be disposed of in dumpsters. And dumpsters aren’t supposed to be brimming over with trash, so again, you have to make sure that you order the right size.

Do you know the different sizes of dumpsters that are available? They can vary by company, but you will also find that they are most often quite similar. That being said, once you find the best dumpster rental company in Orlando based on the reviews, you can ask about sizes and pricing. You might want to contact at least a couple of the rental companies so that you can compare the best prices.

If you’re new to the dumpster rental business, then you might have no idea what to expect when you start checking out costs. You can take a look at the averages, however, so that you can see just what you might expect in terms of a ballpark figure when you go to rent a dumpster. These companies make it quite easy on you, so that will help you during the process.

After doing a little research, it’s time to talk to some Orlando dumpster rental companies. Then you will know what the price is going to be in order to get that dumpster delivered. If you are going to be needing one on a regular basis, then you will know exactly what to do the next time around.

The condo building where I live rents one every year during a bike rally. They get an oversized dumpster that in recent years doesn’t get close to filling up. A few years ago, however, the bike rally would cause it to be quite full. It’s always best to rent a larger dumpster than you think you will need, but you also don’t want to end up paying too much money.